Mediabank Terms and Conditions– guidelines for the use of images

1. The images can be used for free in editorial use only.

2. The images must not be used for commercial purposes i.e. productions intended for sale.

3. If the images contain/reproduce works of art or other copyrighted works, the user is responsible for clearing the rights with the copyright holder/Finnish Ski Area Association ( Finnish Ski Area Association accepts no liability for the artist's copyright.

4. The use of image requires mentioning the ski resort and crediting Crediting the is highly appreciated.

5. Changes can be made in the form of cropping, but images must not be otherwise manipulated. The images must not be altered or reproduced in a manner that may damage the photographer’s reputation.

6. Images that have been ordered can only be used in the production for which the order was placed. They must then be deleted. If the user wants to use the photographs in further productions, they must be re-ordered.

7. The images cannot be lent, sold, handed over or in any other way transferred to other parties without Finnish Ski Area Associations consent.

8. If the conditions for the use of the images are not complied with, the use will be invoiced at the individual photographer’s applicable rates. The user is solely responsible for all image use. The user is also required to hold Finnish Ski Area Association harmless from claims from image copyright holders arising from any use which violates these Terms and Conditions.

9. Finnish Ski Area Association shall be free to revoke right of use of the images and/or exclude the user from future use of the image bank.

10. Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions shall be adjudicated under Finnish law by the District Court of Helsinki

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